Enough is enough. It’s time to do the right thing and get the job done. It’s time for a fresh start for Kansas. Vote James Todd for a new voice in the Kansas Senate.


Tough times demand results

I am running for the Kansas Senate in District 8 to help increase healthcare access in Kansas, advocate for disabled, immune-compromised, and older populations that have been affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19), support Johnson County public education, partner with workers and small businesses as they rebuild the economy, and ensure all Kansans are treated equally.

COVID-19 has dominated our lives for months. It has tested all of us. Kansans all over the state, have been heroes to thousands of their neighbors by sacrificing their social lives and, for some, their economic well-being to reduce the spread of the virus. Even now, businesses and individuals continue to take precautions as the State reopens.

Looking towards our schools, we need to make sure that the resources are available to provide multiple education options, so that parents and students can make the decision that works best for them.

These times have made it clear that we need to increase healthcare access so people can seek help and treatment when it is needed. The oldest among us are some of the ones most affected by COVID-19, especially those in care facilities where we have unfortunately lost many lives. We need to work together to protect our elderly and disabled neighbors.

The economic impact of COVID-19 combined with the shutdown of our economy has been devastating, especially to local small businesses. In Johnson County the unemployment rate jumped to over 10%, the highest rate in county history! We need to partner with workers and small businesses to rebuild.

In the Senate, I will call for a review of the unemployment system as too many workers were left without that benefit after being laid off. We should review our regulations to see what can be eliminated to allow our small businesses to be nimble during this difficult time. We need to find ways to encourage angel investors that invest in small business start-ups, find creative ways to offer low interest loans to businesses going through difficult times, and lower energy cost for businesses and families.

As Kansans we can take pride in the fact that we are the Free State. The baptism by fire that was our State’s founding ensured that slavery did not gain a foothold here. Our record on civil rights is not without blemish though. In Topeka sits a relic of “separate but equal”, the segregated schoolhouse of Brown V. The Board of Education. While great strides have been made, the journey to achieve and protect the founding principle that “all men are created equal” is not over. We need to work to make sure every Kansan is treated equally under the laws of Kansas.

We will make it through these tough times and I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail.